Some Fellas Love

Some fellas love a gal a good old fashioned gal a pitter patter nice to meet you pin up doll pin down plastic eyed baby bitch ass wipe butt kiss mother in law type of shoe lick. You like em like that Ted you like em to be good to listen and mind write poems but not go out of their minds—too bad you missed the boat on that one honey dear, we fight like dogs for the shameful things I don’t bend over when it wraps around me I don’t eat hungry with mouth full of ball bearings I don’t give pounds to men who belittle at the sister’s at the compound with the assinine people—I fit. I fucking flip don’t you know this is the way fellas deserve it, fellas who like to wrap it round like a scarf like a donut like a garland rose tongue tongue this is what fellas love, tongue tongue, but I swil it down down do

You thin
k im ang
ry now do y
ou thin
l I’ll mur
der the chil
dren; do y
ou thin
k it’s mor
e fun with h
er; is sh
e thin
er than me; thin
est of the
m all thin
ner that all the oth
er wom
an giv
ing fell
as wh
at th
ey lov
ir tongue

Photo Credit: Mitch2742 Flickr via Compfight cc

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