Some Language is More Equal Than Others

My no means less than your yes.

My no to you perhaps means yes.

My no is up for discussion.

My no can be persuaded or explained away

Or followed down the street.


It can be molded until it sounds like yes to your ears

But still no to mine.


My no can be worn down

With niceness and faux concern

Or violence from your tongue and fists.

Each belonging to the same masters:

Manipulation and control.


And after a time

My no’s become a yes from an exasperated mind and lips.


This is when I realise that language is not all the same

That some no’s are more equal than others.



Photo Credit: nicospecial Flickr via Compfight cc

Emily Algar

I am a journalist, writer and poet based in the United Kingdom. My portfolio includes music reviews and interviews with musicians and artists as well as political writing such as the commercialisation of feminism, rape culture, and covering the shooting at the Charlie Hebdo offices in Paris in 2015 and the issue of freedom of speech and the media. My background is in International Relations and Security, but I have always been passionate about music and storytelling. In my writing, I attempt to place music in a broader framework of culture and politics. I believe that music and art can offer a powerful commentary on political and societal issues in the world and my writing and poetry reflects this.

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