Still Waters

they say still waters run deep

but I wouldn’t know

because mine are forever raging

against the dying of the light

always threatening to overflow their banks

as they propel me to the lush fields of my imagination

where as the summer bees buzz

I pick a bouquet of wildflowers

amidst the thorns and briers just for you

there is so much beauty and so little time

which makes me tearfully treasure the breath of life

and your sun kissed shoulders and smile

when you see the purple, red, blue,

yellow and orange blooms

in my bleeding hands all the more

Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. Susan P. Blevins

    I love this John Michael….”The lush fields of my imagination…”, and “tearfully treasure the breath of life”…..Exquisite. So poignant I felt it in my depths. Thank you.

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