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Send Them Away

I don’t think I have another rant left to write. Disgusted, frightened, ashamed, and whatever synonyms for those words that might be found in a Thesaurus have taken over my psyche since 11/8/16. If I glance in the… Read More

Marsha Owens

About Marsha Owens

Marsha is a retired educator who lives and writes in Richmond VA. Her favorite quote for these troubled times: “Take your broken heart and turn it into art.” (Meryl Streep) Her work has been published at NewVerseNews, The Wild Word, and Life in 10 Minutes. #Resist

Donald Trump You are Right, the System IS Rigged

Yes, Donald, the system is rigged. Only, not in the way you say it is. The system is rigged against those about whom you say terrible things. The system is rigged against the immigrant as he tries to… Read More

Lauren Halsted

About Lauren Halsted

Lauren Halsted Burroughs teaches English at Cuyamaca Community College in San Diego, CA. She began her career in writing as an editorial assistant at Surfing Girl Magazine almost two decades ago, and has worked as a journalist, grant writer, online content writer, and has dabbled in research and academic publishing. She is happiest when spending time with her two young children, family, and friends and/or playing in the ocean.