“As a woman I have no country.                                     […]

About Valerie Vaughn

Valerie Vaughn is a poet, writer, and author. A native of central Pennsylvania, she received her Bachelor's of Arts in History from Mary Baldwin College. She is a contributor to Poets Unlimited, Crossing Genres, and Extra Newsfeed at Medium. Her works appear in narratorINTERNATIONAL Anthologies Volumes 2 and 3, where she is an Editor's Pick Recipient.

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Suicide and the Sensitive Heart: Why It Is Time for Us to be Vigilant

I go to a women’s gym five or six days a week, and always at 8 a.m. so that I can meet up with my buddies. We exercise our tongues as much as our bodies (more), and we call ourselves The Women’s Support Group. We share each others’ problems, offer lots of sympathies and a […]

About Susan P. Blevins

Susan P. Blevins was born in England, and escaped at age twenty on her life quest, moving first to Italy for 26 years, and then to the USA, where she now lives. The older she gets, the more passionately involved she becomes in the world, and the more she wants to make a personal contribution. She believes that we can all make a difference, one hug, and one smile at a time.

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Snowflakes: A letter to my Republican friends

Isn’t it simply beautiful out there. I mean, snow always inspires such awe in me. Just consider, one single snowflake alone, so delicate, so fragile, so ethereal. And yet, let a billion of them come together through the majestic force of nature… They can screw up a whole city.- Betty White as character Sue Ann […]

About Timothy Hennigan

Tim Hennigan is a restless soul, and avid traveler living with husband and two cats, in Charlestown, Massachusetts.

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Shut Up, and Listen

Did you remember to open your eyes, and un-wax your ears when you woke this morning? Did you take for granted the cozy 500-thread count sheets, and the down pillows propped under your head? Did you have a proper bed to sleep in with too many pretty, pleasing greige throw pillows absentmindedly tossed on the […]

About Jacqueline Cioffa

A retired, international model, and celebrity makeup artist. Co-Author of Model Citi Zen, the guide. Founder of http://modelcitizenmakeup.blogspot.com/. Author of numerous prose pieces in various literary magazines. Most recently published in Little Episodes Brainstorms the anthology, among esteemed artists Sadie Frost, Melvin Burgess and Todd Swift.

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Empty Handed

I built a fort around myself I thought you could not get through- Steel and nails so high I thought I could prevent you— From ever getting inside. I crouched down low in a corner, With my daughters… And I put my hands over their mouths. I knew building the fort was smart. We would […]

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