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A bottle of beer smashed on the pavement. He sat there, light by a lamp-post, acknowledging no before and after; maybe, he secretly wished for another, regretting the spilled drink when he still needed it. Either way, he did not show…

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Ivona Bozik

Ivona Bozik is a Slovenian that has lived in Paris, France for four years. She survives on meaningless jobs, nurturing herself with music and concerts, and reading in English as well as in French. "Even after trying myself in journalistic texts and running my own blog, it's prose and occasional poetry writing that stay the truest expression of my creativity and aliveness and of my attempt to defeat the absurdity of the world, as Phil Ochs would say, even though I can't expect to make it. My stories are concentrated on those fleeting moments of being that sometimes happen in our solitude, yet sometimes they offer us a door to another soul. My fiction is born out of those moments shared (or not) with another and of all the ambiguities that entails."