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She Still Stands

She Still Stands

Stalwart she stands, Vestige of an age-old battle. Despite upheaval and storm, She can’t be kept down. The jealous threw rocks in her path, Easily seen and sidestepped. Haters threw stones at her, They reverberated back to them. They made pits…

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Margie B. Klein

I've been a freelance writer for 28 years, covering nature, travel, education, children's, and spirituality topics. Though most of my works are nonfiction prose, I like to use poetry when it seems to be the only approach that will express the esoteric elements of my subject. My background is in the environmental sciences, and I've completed a 30-year career in this field. This type of work often involved discrimination against female employees, and this poem offers my frustration with it, while exposing the truth of the matter.