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Prenup Agreement: 5 Things You Should Know

Prenup Agreement: 5 Things You Should Know

Just as the chocolate mousse and champagne arrive, Jill’s fiancé reaches under the table and pulls out a large envelope, which he sets on the table. The writing on the label is indiscernible under the candlelight, but it looks very businesslike…

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Pam Bille

I have practiced law for over twenty years, many with top-tier, national law firms. While raising my four children (now teenagers and college students), I have chosen alternatives to working for a law firm. I have consulted for a variety of different companies, acted as a "divorce coach" and handled disputes between people that arise out of divorce settlements. My primary practice area for the past several years has been drafting and negotiating premarital, cohabitation and postnuptial agreements. I have negotiated and drafted dozens of such agreements at a reasonable rate. Please visit my website and feel free to contact me for more details about my services: