Fun Facts

Did you know that a mantis shrimp has 12 different types of photoreceptors in their eyes Meaning they can see colors That don’t meet the human eye I say we take the spectrum for granted As if the rainbow is black and white Going through everyday misinterpreting The gift of sight Mistaking red for blood […]

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I wrote these very words on your skin. I spoke them through the gaps of my teeth. I woke up one morning and smelt the roses and they told me they wanted to go home. They said; Why did you exploit me? Pluck me from my beloved thrown place me in an antique, spherical vase […]

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“Dress Coded”

I remember vividly, my then 4’11, scrawny, 6th grade body scrambling through the upperclassmen infested halls with my best friend of six years and a new friend I had just made in dance class. We were sporting our best looks from Forever 21 (the kids section of course) and our newest pair of the trendiest boots […]

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