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The Raw Journey: Rejection at Birth

The Raw Journey: Rejection at Birth

What is this place?  It’s so dark in here. Where am I?  I can’t move. Am I trapped? I feel confined. I glanced around, swiftly trying to figure out this strange place where a moment ago I had just opened my…

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Naushad Mitha

I am a 27-year-old guy from Pakistan with a deep insight and empathy for social issues and societal problems especially inequality and injustice. I am just another voice in the crowd that wants to be heard. I have been Inspired by many people, I care about a few. I am a supporter or feminism, while not even hating the male chauvinists. I have been in the dark for a while, feels like home. I am not scared of the demons anymore because they seem friendly now. Hope to find it all one day, or hope to be found one day! Either way, hope's still alive.