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I Want to Die a Suffragette

I Want to Die a Suffragette

  Recently, in one of my history lessons, we started a new topic which was about suffragettes and the movement they created. First of all, when I found out we were doing this subject, I got very excited as I have…

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Saoirse Staff

Saoirse Staff is 13 years old. She attends secondary school in Northampton, England and loves drama and art. She has always had passionate views about feminism and equality since a young age. She has just recently started writing pieces about her views. Saoirse has an older brother and a younger sister. She is a middle child and her star sign is Taurus. Her name is Irish for ‘freedom’. And most of the time, she is kind and compassionate, however she can get into heated discussions. In her spare time, Saoirse enjoys dancing (hip hop and ballet), shopping and hanging out with her friends.