Why Female Fireflies Fake Death

She walks to the deli to get some lunch. She will get catcalled, but she’ll pretend she hasn’t heard it. Her pace and heartbeat will increase with every additional comment, the unwanted attention crawling up her legs like an invisible hand. She’ll want to say something, but she’ll remember the video of that woman in […]

About Laure Van Rensburg

Laure Van Rensburg is a French writer living in the UK. Her short stories can be found in online magazines including Across The Margin, Ellipsis Zine, The Fiction Pool, Barren Magazine, Storgy and Reflex Fiction. She has been longlisted for the Bath Short Story Award and twice shortlisted for TSS Publishing Quarterly Flash Competitions.

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12 Everyday Sexist & Misogynistic Things That Men Need To Stop Doing

In 2012, writer and activist Laura Bates founded her groundbreaking website The Everyday Sexism Project with the distinct purpose of providing a place where women from all walks of life could share and relate their daily experiences with normalised sexism and misogyny. The project has been an enormous success and a viral phenomenon with the […]

About John Michael Antonio

John Michael Antonio is a freelance writer, photographer, poet and screenwriter. He claims his Midwestern roots while at the same time admitting his incurable and insatiable love and addiction for all things New York City. He has been the husband to his wife, the love of his life, for almost thirty years and is a father of three wonderful children. He is an unapologetic male feminist as well as a passionate lover of fashion, art, movies and music from all eras and genres. An endless dreamer, John Michael is also an avid historian, ex-punk rocker and a legendary Internet surfer who sleeps, on average, about four hours a day. His work has also been featured on The Good Men Project.

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He slithered up next me, a snake looking for something to squeeze and I thought I would choke on the overwhelming odor of his lechery. He was too close, always too close, and I wish he had a rattle to warn me of his presence. He whispered in my ear, his breath like hot sand, […]

About Lisa L. Weber

I think a lot, about everything. I want to learn a lot, about everything. My mind, heart, and soul are hungry.

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She tells him she is thirteen, And he tells her that she can keep her shirt on when they fuck. She walks by the coffee shop that is no longer a Starbucks, But she is no longer the little girl Who ran to the other end of Grand Central on a fractured foot. When a […]

About E. Mason Kaye

E. Mason Kaye is a mechanical engineering major at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, previously a drama student at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School. Mason has one year of editing experience with Polyphony H.S., an online annual publication written and edited by teens. They are a freelance stage manager, occasional actor, and passionate writer. Mason particularly focuses on feminist works as well as integrating science into art in addition to themes including gender fluidity, queer identities, modern politics, and a general attack against bigotry.

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Hit Like a Girl

I’m proud to be a woman. I’m proud to fuss over small details, like my eyebrows, or the way you drive. I’m proud of the women before me who refused to lie down. And of the men in my life who have never looked at me as more than a good friend. What I’m not […]

About Jamie Sawczyszyn

Jamie has been writing all of her life, and went to school for 3 years to study professional writing. Though she just began submitting to publications more recently, she has hosted several slam poetry events for herself and other writers to perform their works of art. Writing is more of an artistic outlet for her, and mainly focuses on raw nonfiction prose and poetry. She is in the works of writing a nonfiction book, which will focus on the psychological impact that her childhood had on her as she grew into an adult, and overcoming her anxiety disorder. She hopes that her book, like most of her works of poetry, will help any of her readers who are struggling with mental illness or going through a rough time in thier lives.

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Have you ever felt like your body was a commodity Maybe they just want what they think they deserve, Fuck everyone else had a piece of her first, So why can’t I? Why can’t you Just treat me like a human Or leave me alone You just want me out of spite Just for your […]

About Brianna Scott

I am an 18 year old naive libra girl who is really gullible and still believes in fairytales and love at first sight. I moved across the country to northern California to find a new adventure.


Billy Graham is Dead

I sit in my mother’s lap and she cries, my father is enraged, my younger brother promises he would never ever treat a woman badly. He would never try to violate someone. My family members were not evangelicals— they were parishioners of a different kind, Baptists. When I read the headline of the news and […]

About Lydia A. Cyrus

Lydia A. Cyrus is a creative writer from Huntington, West Virginia. She has non-fiction work featured in several journals, including Luna Luna Magazine where she serves as a staff writer. Her poems can found in places like Quail Bell Magazine and Moonchild Mag. She is a proud Mountain Woman and loves her dog.

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More than a Mouthful: How the Breastaurant Industry Feeds America’s Appetite for Exploitation

I hereby acknowledge and affirm that (1) my job duties require I wear the designated Hooters Girl uniform; (2) my job duties require that I interact with and entertain the customers; and (3) the Hooters concept is based on female sex appeal and the work environment is one in which joking and innuendo based on […]

About Michelle Riddell

Born and raised in Detroit, Michelle Riddell now lives with her family in rural mid-Michigan where she happily braves her husband’s penchant for DIY projects and her daughter’s passion for wildlife-as-indoor-pets. Her publishing credits include Motherwell Magazine, Scary Mommy, Parent.Co, and The Good Men Project. In addition to being a reviewing editor at Mothers Always Write, Michelle is a substitute teacher at her daughter’s elementary school where she tries very hard not to embarrass her. Find her on Twitter @MLRiddell.

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