Good Enough Mother

Advice to back off Advice to do more Be a good enough mother Not too good Don’t overdo it Don’t make him dependent on you He will never be able to care for himself He’ll end up in codependent relationships From other health care professionals Make sure he eats three meals and three snacks a […]

About Kitt O'Malley

If you check out Kitt O'Malley on LinkedIn, you'll see that she has worked as a legal assistant, psychotherapist, and commercial real estate professional before reinventing herself as a mental health advocate. As a mental health advocate, wife and mother, she neglects housework as she blogs at about living with bipolar disorder, parenting an adolescent migraineur with social anxiety, and being caregiver of aging parents - one with alcohol-related dementia and the other with vascular dementia secondary to stroke. She's overwhelmed, to say the least.

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One Day, the Pain May Be Useful to You

Useful. Now that’s a word I despise. Over the years, during numerous times of personal distress, I’ve heard the same, mundane, uninvited advice: “One day, the pain may be useful to you.” My reply to this ridiculous guidance? BS! How could pain ever be useful? Clearly, I understood the definition of the word. In fact, […]

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When Half a Brain is the Only Option

My daughter has half a brain. No, really. She does. Allow me to explain. Sasha arrived on a Friday morning, in late-February. She was three weeks early and weighed 4.5 pounds. Aside from her low-birth weight, she was perfect. Words I used to describe her babyhood included happy, giggly, curious, active, perfect. She crawled, explored, […]

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