Telling the Maverick Good-bye

I rattled in dull blue uncertainty
until low-tread Maverick tires
threatened to blow
and the rims were
almost ready to fall off.

I fed water to the radiator
on every trip.
Finally got the thing re-cored.

The timing belt broke
on the way
to Salem, Oregon.

Aligning the wheels
would have cost more
than the car.

Yet I was snobbish
about my poverty
my Old Blue un-status symbol.
Proud to support myself
without any help.

Things have changed.
Education. Marriage.
I am no longer poor.

Now I’ve nowhere to go
but up to a shiny new red

With new wheels
I can tell my beat-up
beater friend

Good-bye dear
gas guzzler, oil burner.

Good-bye dear dented
left rear fender
that never got fixed.

Good-bye dull coat,
sandblasted by age,
you will never shine again.

We went places, you and I
but now I can watch you
being driven out of sight.

Good-bye old friend.
You did your best.
Good-bye sweet poverty


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