Telling the Maverick Good-bye

I rattled in dull blue uncertainty
until low-tread Maverick tires
threatened to blow
and the rims were
almost ready to fall off.

I fed water to the radiator
on every trip.
Finally got the thing re-cored.

The timing belt broke
on the way
to Salem, Oregon.

Aligning the wheels
would have cost more
than the car.

Yet I was snobbish
about my poverty
my Old Blue un-status symbol.
Proud to support myself
without any help.

Things have changed.
Education. Marriage.
I am no longer poor.

Now I’ve nowhere to go
but up to a shiny new red

With new wheels
I can tell my beat-up
beater friend

Good-bye dear
gas guzzler, oil burner.

Good-bye dear dented
left rear fender
that never got fixed.

Good-bye dull coat,
sandblasted by age,
you will never shine again.

We went places, you and I
but now I can watch you
being driven out of sight.

Good-bye old friend.
You did your best.
Good-bye sweet poverty


Sharon Svendsen

Sharon E. Svendsen's work has been published in Bellowing Ark, Innisfree, The Long Story, Atrocity, Byline, and many other periodicals and anthologies. In the past, she ran the First Friday Reading Series in Bremerton, Washington, and the Writers’ Haven Reading Series at the Jewel Box Theater in Poulsbo. Sharon was publisher and poetry editor of HA! a humor magazine, and head of Writers’ Haven Press which published two poetry collections and several booklets of winners from Writers’ Haven contests.

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