The other woman aka Stepmother

Cinderella hates me and rightly so
I would too if some woman
came back home with my father
so recent after my mother’s passing

so why did I do it, you ask
out of desperation, he seemed nice
that or marry the brute
who’s been pestering my father

for my hand, giving my family no peace
I had to do it for them, and for me
and why were you so cruel
when you should have been kind?

I felt like the other woman
I was becoming the Stepmother
I know that’s no excuse but Cinderella
wasn’t cutting me any slack
she would snap at the slightest thing
I felt like I was doing everything wrong

and her father, my husband
he was sweet but he went away
not long after and never came back
we both lost him too soon–
I think that’s when I snapped

Photo Credit: russelljsmith Flickr via Compfight cc

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