The Rise and Fall

When I was seventeen I dreamt of a great big life filled with a glass house on the beach, diamonds, pretty bad boys, fancy designer duds and superfluous superficial things. Today the horizontal worry lines that magically appear on my face while I sleep are the brutal reminders that there are more hours behind me than out in front.

And that’s ok; I’ve had more luck than many. I’ve been truly and unconditionally loved for all the difficult, stubborn, selfish, silly, petty, pretty and ugly complexities of me. The shit storm that is life has taught me that not everyone gets all the luck they deserve. Nope, not everyone. There is no special formula or justified equation dolling out equal amounts. There does seem to be more than enough heartache and suffering going around.

My wishes for you as the years increase by one ~

Make space for sunshine on the bad days and belly laughs in the cruel depths of winter, find a passion, try out many passions, indulge in music, art, nature, animals and vanilla cake with chocolate frosting. Feed the soul and don’t worry if it comes with belly rolls. Don’t take anyone’s crap; don’t ever feel less than, cuss like a sailor but act like a grand dame. Don’t discard flashy, funny, cutout cardboard tiaras but wear them proudly. You are the princess of your own story saving yourself every day, capable, gentle and strong. A warrior of one. The beautiful dreamer who never needed a prince or a pedestal.

Pay attention to your gut, it will never steer you wrong. Don’t miss out on the chance to be absurd, silly, loud, reckless, curious, kind and most of all more than okay with yourself. Because luck? Luck thrives in the unknown, the wackiness, the ridiculous, the adventures, coincidences and chance. Luck lives in the wide-open spaces and best intentions. Understanding both the good and the broken hearted perhaps down on their luck.

Most of all don’t take my advice; I have no clue what I’m talking about. I’m winging it, simply walking and talking, writing love letters to myself.

Make your own way, don’t count the years or the seconds or the pettiness but look up to the sun to chart your course, reveling in the earth’s wonder to carry on without us. Live courageously by the rises and falls. Figure it out, make your own luck and always, always, always invest in yourself.

And buy an excellent, super deluxe Sunscreen while you’re still young.

A wise choice after all.

Photo Credit: destinyandfaith Flickr via Compfight cc

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