The Taste of Your Absence

I taste the dirt you left in my mouth
Infected with injury, grit-stained teeth
You lied, and I purchased each facade
Opening my aching, needy soul
Turning my words into blood, for the devil

Don’t call me baby, or girl
Your ego needed me to feel complete
And while I patched my heart to yours
With a needle and tainted thread
I turned into garbage, a waste of your time

You reached inside my rib cage
Removed my heart, abandoned it
Haphazardly dropping it into shreds of insecurity
You understood the reservation it contained
Releasing my bloodied breast to the wolves

It can’t have been authentic
Forgotten so quick, tossed away
Sincerity lost, rocks thrown, blame placed
It wasn’t me installing lies in your ears
For you were the one unable to believe

My heart contained a need for completion
Unitedness I was willing to provide unrestricted
For my heart, sensed you, consumed you
Starved to be all you demanded
Now my spirit is lost, forgotten.

And as the blood seeps to the surface
My tired skin, missing your touch
I feel more bruised than broken
More sadness than anger
More regret than tears

Photo Credit: Alexandra E Rust via Compfight cc

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