There Was

There was an emptiness in your eyes that
recoiled when called by name.
Shrinking at the mere thought of having to
give me more.
More contact.
More answers.
Any more of you.
It was obvious that I had become painful to
look at, let alone love another day.

There was a part of me whose arms grew
weary with each unresponsive touch;
reaching habitually for familiar territory.
Wanting to believe I could not be that repulsive.
Certainly,there was something in me that
wooed the inner you.
I withdrew, craving what only you should be
giving me; weakened by every advance
beckoning me across crowded empty rooms.

You wouldn’t hold me and you wouldn’t let me

I lingered, not in denial but by happenstance.
Still, rising waters reminding me that I was
wanted by someone(s), somewhere else.
My meeting the unspoken needs of others,
without effort or malintent forever drained me.
It still does.

Photo Credit: dollen Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. Ericka, as you already know, I adore you and your poetry, both inspirational and romantic. Thank you for all that you do. Thrilled to see your writing on Feminine Collective.

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