Things Fall Apart

Things are falling apart
branches give in to the wind
tree trunks thump to the ground
twisters graze the barren land
and houses fly
unmoving sand resembles a curtain
and seas collide
taking earthly wonders
into its swarming depts.

Things fall apart
like love and courage
we no longer stand
holding hands
moving rocks of ages
into the abyss of hope.

Black remains black
dark with the soul-searching ghosts
drawn towards fears
God remains ruler of the land
one God on a throne
another a beggar in rags.

Things fall apart in His mighty kingdom
and he knows
all is alright
as it should be
sheep are all put
where they belong
so that He can see
things that fall apart.

Photo Credit: Leonard J Matthews Flickr via Compfight cc


About Merima Trako

Merima was born and raised in Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia). Sudden nationalistic divide in the early nineties, leads to a bloody war where a three percent of Bosnian population (mainly Muslims) is killed. Merima and her family escape ethnic cleansing in Banja Luka (where she was born) and settle in Travnik. Her story continues with her move to the USA to study engineering and mathematics, her “other love”, where she lives now. She is a mother, a refugee, an engineer and a woman passionate about creating literary awareness about world issues, social injustices and her life experiences, consisting of complex topics, from religion to non-spiritual events. Her work is available for readers on her website Most recently she published two short stories and two poems in the collection of prose and poetry of the No Name Writing Group from Washington Depot, CT in their anthology titled “This One Has No Name”.

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