Waif’s Fear

Fermata over burning sky
Vacuum yields human fear
I call upon the waif
Born to mother of Gods to hear.

Vacuum destroys humans in fear
Words fly on the midnight sparks
Mother of Gods births our stream
I stand on the edge, my breath a dream.

Words fly on the midnight sparks
They land sideways burning our dust
I stand on the edge, my breath a stream
My step a noose, a lonely dream.

We land sideways burning the dust
Fermata over burning sky
My step, a noose, screams of fear
I call upon the waif to hear.

Photo Credit: srqpix Flickr via Compfight cc

About Merima Trako

Merima was born and raised in Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia). Sudden nationalistic divide in the early nineties, leads to a bloody war where a three percent of Bosnian population (mainly Muslims) is killed. Merima and her family escape ethnic cleansing in Banja Luka (where she was born) and settle in Travnik. Her story continues with her move to the USA to study engineering and mathematics, her “other love”, where she lives now. She is a mother, a refugee, an engineer and a woman passionate about creating literary awareness about world issues, social injustices and her life experiences, consisting of complex topics, from religion to non-spiritual events. Her work is available for readers on her website www.worldaccordingtoblam.com. Most recently she published two short stories and two poems in the collection of prose and poetry of the No Name Writing Group from Washington Depot, CT in their anthology titled “This One Has No Name”.

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