Things to Tell My Son

A woman is more
than Lush thighs and
warm honey to
lose yourself
in a drive by.

She is a long
road trip, filled
with aching joints
and sing-a-longs

Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker Flickr via Compfight cc

Lidy Wilks

Lidy Wilks debut is the poetry chapbook Can You Catch My Flow? but poetry is not the only genre she writes in. She is currently writing a contemporary romance. And a young adult supernatural work in progress novel. As well as another poetry chapbook and her first full length poetry collection. She lives in Virginia with her husband and two children. When Lidy Wilks is not writing, she refills her creative well and binges on the storytelling of anime. Books, manga and Asian dramas. And relaxes by listening to good music. Eating milk chocolate candies. And or with a glass of Cabernet or Riesling wine.

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