The clouds wrestles, vibrations felt inside your existence,
lighting cracks illuminating the sky
Clouds finally giving in,
releasing the mass tears from heaven.
Evidence left on the window,
droplets dwindling down the glass pane.
Her force is felt,
you witness her magnificent breakdown,
as the pure blue summer sky turns black.
You are left in awe, wondering was it madness or sadness?
Anger or grief?
What was the cause of her powerful eruption?

You find a strange comfort in her storm,
an unexplained envy.
The reason behind her thunderstorm, doesn’t matter…
All you see is her courage to explode
how she lets the world hear her scream,
see her tears,
feel her pain.

Unlike you, who hides behind a sunshine smile,
burning away from the inside.

Photo Credit: aaronx Flickr via Compfight cc

Natasha Alexander

Writer, always Wife and Mother first. Perfect is overrated, I am flawed and yet loved. Now that I don’t chase perfection, I can chase my dreams. I have completed a "Write a Novel" course in 2015 through S.A. Writers’ College and passed with a distinction. I also completed the Copy-Editing and Proof-reading course through them in March 2016. My first Manuscript of 60 000 words has been written and currently seeking a publisher. I have been writing poetry since I was 14 and the reason/inspiration behind all my writing is a stand against women abuse. It is a cause that I hold close to heart. Something that started as an outlet for feelings too ghastly to speak about has turned into my passion.


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