Top 10 Improv Tips to Combat FEAR in Every Day Life

Improv is the dumbest thing you will ever do, and also the coolest thing you will ever do. There is nothing like walking onto a stage, just yourself and your scene partner, without a preconceived direction, with no clue how your scene will unfold. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve all landed a few eggs on stage, but when it works, it’s like fireworks.

Beginning improvisers approach the stage embracing the relationship with fear. Fear is a powerful emotion. You can see fear effecting our choices, our physicality. Only with time, training and repetition do we eventually come to terms with it. So much so that it disappears, and for a short while we live in the absence of fear. And that absence of fear also effects our choices and physicality.

Mike Nato’s Top 10 Improv Mantras

  1. Follow your fear
  2. Once you define it, it exists
  3. You are enough
  4. Don’t invent, discover
  5. Get out of your head and into your heart
  6. Hold on to your shit
  7. Your EGO is an Asshole, leave it
  8. Truth in comedy
  9. Be present
  10. Trust and Listen

(in addition, a touch on fear)

LOL’s and screams from the audience … that’s the payoff. It’s as if the improv gods, from up above, looked down and smiled at you. You know it and so does the audience. Something was created from nothing, and the energy in the room becomes electric. And you come to realize you miss your old friend. So you pick up the phone and reconnect once again.


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    This is an awesome article…that really depicts what everyone thinks but probably never does. I really like the top 10 improv mantras…….they should be applied to your everyday life!!!!

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