The most painful heartbreak I have ever known
has hidden itself under the guise of love;
but between you and me, in reality,
no one has ever broken my heart worse than I have.
Every single scar on my body is a tale of my defeat.
Underneath the sleeves of my shirt,
faint engravings on my thighs.
from a time when I thought that nothing could be worse
than that momentary caustic ache,
of being unable to see the bigger picture.

On my leg, the tiny remnant of mutual violence.
And at the right angle, you can see tiny stones embedded in my knees
because back then, I wasn’t built to hold the weight of two.
That’s just to name a few.

But if you step back far enough,
Look at me,
all of me,
A canvas full of painted white lines;
I no longer appear to be consistent only of ruin,
but a castle that has stood the test of time.
For it is not the pampered Orchid that is the most remarkable
for its colors and delicate frame,
but the wildflower that grows tall, relentless,
regardless of the corrosion surrounding it.
They don’t grow in line with picket fences,
Or suckle on spruced up sugar water.
No one makes sure they’ve had enough to eat.
No, they break through pavement,
carve a home out of adversity.
Drink in storms.
So keep this in mind the next time
you see something beautiful
wrapped in thorns.





“2015-04-26 19.06.16_zpsd1sdcnww”by injohneer is licensed under CC CC0 1.0

Jamie Sawczyszyn

Jamie has been writing all of her life, and went to school for 3 years to study professional writing. Though she just began submitting to publications more recently, she has hosted several slam poetry events for herself and other writers to perform their works of art. Writing is more of an artistic outlet for her, and mainly focuses on raw nonfiction prose and poetry. She is in the works of writing a nonfiction book, which will focus on the psychological impact that her childhood had on her as she grew into an adult, and overcoming her anxiety disorder. She hopes that her book, like most of her works of poetry, will help any of her readers who are struggling with mental illness or going through a rough time in thier lives.

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