Things Change

I could meet you tomorrow?
That’s what I told him.
Wow! Is that clock right?
[A nervous laugh].
Can I come in?
Get. Up.
I miss you, always.
I need to quit soon…
I can fix that.
I think I’m starving for something.
I could look at your face all day.
Never mistake a soulmate for a lesson.
I’ll still be smiling in the morning.
I’m tired.
You’re worth it, I promise.
I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.
I’m your anonymous admirer!
I just want to be alone.
There’s a stocking with your name on it!
How could you…
You’re part of the family, now.
I can’t breathe.
That’s my girl.
You talk like you still love him.
Cinnamon swirl? I like that.
Get him off of you for good.
You redefined a word I thought I understood before.
I think our relationship is holding me back.
I’ve never felt so incredibly content being exactly where I am.
Keep my ring around your neck.
No one’s ever brought me water before…
I can handle it.
You’re always trying, so you’re always perfect to me.
You’ll never change.
I’m not leaving without you.
You deal with her, then!
You’re the best I’ve ever had.
I don’t know you.
Where have you been all my life?
I can’t even look at you.
I’ll always be here.
You don’t want to know what I think.

Maybe we could get coffee sometime?



Photo Credit: Diamond Farah Flickr via Compfight cc

Jamie Sawczyszyn

Jamie has been writing all of her life, and went to school for 3 years to study professional writing. Though she just began submitting to publications more recently, she has hosted several slam poetry events for herself and other writers to perform their works of art. Writing is more of an artistic outlet for her, and mainly focuses on raw nonfiction prose and poetry. She is in the works of writing a nonfiction book, which will focus on the psychological impact that her childhood had on her as she grew into an adult, and overcoming her anxiety disorder. She hopes that her book, like most of her works of poetry, will help any of her readers who are struggling with mental illness or going through a rough time in thier lives.

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