I Was Told to Ignore the Abuse

They told me to ignore the words you said, “Don’t let him get to you. Try a different way of being. Be different; let him know you want him. He is just frightened of commitment. He will calm down soon.” I started to see your entitled feelings; I think they are reasonable and justified. He loves […]

About Victoria Telfer-Smith

I am a counsellor who uses hypnosis in treatment. I use therapy to work with clients to achieve the life they want to. I also work with traumatised and abused people who are finding it difficult after a trauma they have endured. I use hypnosis for childbirth and fertility issues as well as post natal depression. I feel therapy is life affirming, when humans feel pain, both emotional and physical, they may need to receive support and guidance to deal with it, that is how I work.

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Things Change

I could meet you tomorrow? That’s what I told him. Wow! Is that clock right? [A nervous laugh]. Can I come in? Get. Up. I miss you, always. I need to quit soon… I can fix that. I think I’m starving for something. I could look at your face all day. Never mistake a soulmate […]

About Jamie Sawczyszyn

Jamie has been writing all of her life, and went to school for 3 years to study professional writing. Though she just began submitting to publications more recently, she has hosted several slam poetry events for herself and other writers to perform their works of art. Writing is more of an artistic outlet for her, and mainly focuses on raw nonfiction prose and poetry. She is in the works of writing a nonfiction book, which will focus on the psychological impact that her childhood had on her as she grew into an adult, and overcoming her anxiety disorder. She hopes that her book, like most of her works of poetry, will help any of her readers who are struggling with mental illness or going through a rough time in thier lives.

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I pull up to the stop sign Will I change my mind? I have done this before And returned once more I sit for a while and stare Remembering the care You so seldom gave You were always so angry Time and time again I made excuses back then Hateful words I can recall The […]

About Mary Penner

Mary Penner has written poetry since the age of ten. She has always enjoyed telling human interest stories through rhyme and has recently begun writing stories in prose form. For twenty-five, Mary was a social worker and educator specializing in family and school counseling. She taught in elementary schools and in universities where she designed and facilitated the Program Planning Course. Mary's poems have been published in three anthologies: including two of Polar Expressions Collections of Canadian Poetry: Let's Fly Away, in 2017; Overture, in 2016. Mary is also a contributing Author in We are the Wordsmiths: A Collection of Short Stories and Poetry, 2017 (Albatross Publishing). Also in 2017, Mary was one of the adjudicators of the South Simcoe Arts Council's Creative Works Writing Contest. Most recently, Mary wast the Audience Prompter in the play Saving Grace: A Victorian Melodrama by a fellow Wordsmith member.

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I never thought of myself as a survivor / just in the wrong place at the wrong time / don’t get in an elevator with someone who makes you uncomfortable, just take the stairs his first kiss, my first sexual assault / go home smelling like the teenager I never was / like ferment, like […]

About Rebecca Kokitus

Rebecca Kokitus is a part time resident of Media, PA which is just outside of Philadelphia, and a part time of a small town in rural Schuylkill County, PA. She is an aspiring poet and is currently an undergraduate in the writing program at West Chester University of Pennsylvania. More of her writing can be found in Rag Queen Periodical and Spider Mirror Journal among other places. She tweets @rxbxcca_anna

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Proud muscle Battered and bruised A child, proud of strength And power That came with skinned knees and bruised shins Launching – Into flight Or fury To all who opposed Her fierce will   But, they admonished If you have scars No one will marry you Unattractive knees Belied her fate   Slowly, then Slowly, […]

About Carly Zee

Carly Zee is a poet and writer and lover of the finer things in life — like good wines, dark chocolate, and erotica. She finds myself seeking pleasure over reason on far too many occasions, and will, in all likelihood, continue to do so. To come along for the ride, you can connect with Carly through https://carlyzee.wordpress.com/

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Sadist Prey

She whispered her secrets and he used them to cage her, making her believe no one will understand, she’s a freak for only him to know. He climbed into her anxiety, playing marionette with her insecurities, molding her for only him to control. Blinding her with conditions covered in praises. A smoke screen fantasy, disguised […]

About Natasha Alexander

Writer, always Wife and Mother first. Perfect is overrated, I am flawed and yet loved. Now that I don’t chase perfection, I can chase my dreams. I have completed a "Write a Novel" course in 2015 through S.A. Writers’ College and passed with a distinction. I also completed the Copy-Editing and Proof-reading course through them in March 2016. My first Manuscript of 60 000 words has been written and currently seeking a publisher. I have been writing poetry since I was 14 and the reason/inspiration behind all my writing is a stand against women abuse. It is a cause that I hold close to heart. Something that started as an outlet for feelings too ghastly to speak about has turned into my passion.

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Hmm, So Wistful

for the motel days. for the barbecues and the merry-go-rounds picking the best ponies, not enough to go around. so under the sheets, we are looking for treats withheld by men or women or the tempting fire. So hot it feels like coldness fingers touch things that hurt all the time, yet rarely learn from […]

About Elisabeth Horan

Elisabeth Horan is a poet mother student lover of kind people and animals, homesteading in Vermont with her tolerant partner and two young sons. She writes to survive and survives to write - We are all battling something. Let's support each other. Elisabeth enjoys riding horses and caring for her cats, chickens, goats and children (not necessarily in that order). She teaches at River Valley Community College in New Hampshire.

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Free Bird

He had already locked the front door so she couldn’t escape, couldn’t open her cage.
Perhaps he uttered a prayer to whomever murderers utter prayers too. Perhaps he gave last rights to himself, took communion, had a last meal, said goodbye to his mother, brother, sister, children, the cats.

About Kim Sisto Robinson

Kim Sisto Robinson is a mother, lover, poet, writer, educator, obsessive blogger, lover of cats, cheese puffs, chocolate chips cookies, Sylvia Plath, addicted to books, women’s stories, walking with audio books ( Lolita was off the charts!), and powerful, transformative words. Her work has appeared in Scary Mommy, Bella On Line, Glass Woman, Migrations, Rebelle Society, and Feminine Collective. She created her blog, My Inner Chick, to honor her sister, Kay, whom was murdered by her estranged husband in 2010. Her mission is to give “Voice” to all women without one. She was honored the "Men As Peacemaker's Award" in 2015 for her work with domestic violence.

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