My antipode stands on the beach
her blond strands a streaming flag
warm breeze warbling in her ears
she raises her hands, reaching for the sky
and her heated nucleus oozes
with sweet smell of the tryst.

Antipode’s lover sits in a beach chair
oily, reflecting the universe’s life line
muscles rapacious hills
opening the ripple free landscape.

She walks and distorts the air
her body elongating up, her breasts surging forward
her murmurs echoing silence
her bronzed tight core wooden
absorbing saltiness
she coruscates the lazy shine of ages
filled with diamond steps.

He rises
his feet sinking in the quicksand
she curves her lips, circle guild
covering the midnight sky
it is dark and he squeezes his biceps
Antipode views the moon’s penumbra
curving around the two statues
sea grazing the clay of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream.

Wan cheeks stare at the window
palm trees sway and break
in the tornado of passion
Antipode releasing the nectar
of mating objects
The girl stares at the mirror
gorgon stares back.

Antipode laughs while her lover
desiccates on the beach towel.


Photo Credit: Fire At Will [Photography] Flickr via Compfight cc

Merima Trako

Merima was born and raised in Bosnia-Herzegovina (former Yugoslavia). Sudden nationalistic divide in the early nineties, leads to a bloody war where a three percent of Bosnian population (mainly Muslims) is killed. Merima and her family escape ethnic cleansing in Banja Luka (where she was born) and settle in Travnik. Her story continues with her move to the USA to study engineering and mathematics, her “other love”, where she lives now. She is a mother, a refugee, an engineer and a woman passionate about creating literary awareness about world issues, social injustices and her life experiences, consisting of complex topics, from religion to non-spiritual events. Her work is available for readers on her website Most recently she published two short stories and two poems in the collection of prose and poetry of the No Name Writing Group from Washington Depot, CT in their anthology titled “This One Has No Name”.

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