A Letter to the Mistress, Who Invaded My Marriage

A little over a year ago, you inserted yourself into my world. I never had the opportunity to sit down with you face to face and have a conversation like grown women are supposed to be able to do. I wouldn’t invite you to sit across from me so I could berate you, remind you […]

About Ashton Saldana

I am a blog writer on relationships, travel, spirituality and women's empowerment - while writing a book. I have endured quite a few trials and tribulations throughout my 31 years of life. Through it all, I continued to reach inside and find the mighty female power inside of me to turn all of my pain into power. I changed my outlook on my circumstances by living a life of gratitude and by truly discovering and falling in love with myself. Being authentic, I now live my life to the fullest. During my hardest of days I turned to writing. Writing became my therapy. Because I want to help others that might find themselves in similar circumstances, I decided to publish my work. I feel that my purpose on Earth is to share my challenges with others as a reminder that success and setbacks are opportunities to get others going - to the place that they are supposed to be.

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