Beautiful Cage

Charming as a Prince
I’m envied by all as he leads me into my cage
One covered in flowers
draped in diamonds
A place where he lays his world at my feet.

I never want for anything, as he showers me with riches.
Yet his tone is deaf to what my heart longs
The song my soul screams, goes unnoticed
My cries lost in the wind,
He fears me leaving
Then orders for a cashmere blanket to wrap me up in
But so tight, it chafes my skin.
I sit in my beautiful cage and stare
at the freedom I ache for.

He notices distress on my face but
I smile on cue
as he cuffs me
with yet another string of pearls.

Sensing my need to escape,
He paces up and down while he glares
at my every stir
I stop moving

He strides closer
to count my breaths
I stop breathing

So I die in silence waiting to exhale
…in my beautiful cage.


  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity and support.

    This is a “dream come true” moment, thank you for making it possible Feminine collective.

    Much love,


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