Bye, Bye Birdy 2008 – 2016

Am I always to be at the mercy of the light?
Shining too bright, too loud on a quiet, solemn Sunday afternoon
Will the foul mood take off in flight
Like the mellow yellow sunshine kite that soars and glides
Miles and miles high above
Up, up and away, out of sight
Effortless, invisible, deja vu feeling
Dancing on wanderlust clouds
The robin burns Crimson red under a scorched summertime sun
Heat ignites her proud feathers
Envy tastes palpable through rapid heart beats
Pounding fast and hard too under caged ribs
Searching for an escape route, a way out of the aching skeleton
I long for my mother to be, young again
Her easy breezy, fragrant ways and glistening Coopertone skin acceptance
Let it wash over my ashen, sagging spirit
I float
Worry free and weightless
Buoyant in indigo tidal pools of emotion, H2O, and aqua green bubbles
The time passage stopped gazing up to the sky
Envious of the wide open ceiling
To be nothing
But beautifully broken
Worn, faded, bruised and yet
Less than indifferent
Circadian rhythms slightly out of whack
Clipped wings have halted dreams
Tick tock, annoying, screeching reminder
Tick tock clock
Too unsteady, shaky, revolting to be sure of anything certain
Longing for air and oxygen
I let out a suffocated sigh
Bye-bye, birdy
I’m okay, she’s okay, you’re okay
We’re just fine
See you, again perhaps?
One lazy, hazy better mood day
And a parallel universe
Belonging exclusively to me, and, to her
Sunny, giggly, carefree childhood afternoons and starlit skylines
That sparkled pretty to infinity
Spent together lullabied by a nursery rhyme
Dusk kissed the evening light goodnight until the assured daybreak sunrise returned
Once upon a time
Nothing lasts, silly girl
Stupid bird
Not even the promise of a whisper
Not even daylight savings time
Not even the paper
Only the seedlings of a life
Okay, then
Bye, bye birdy
See you sometime?
Perhaps in a white and peony blossom muscle memory inhale
Planted, curated with loving care by another
Mother, may I
Spring is the loveliest color
And the most pensive, reflective time of year

Photo Credit: leidio via Compfight cc


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