Towering Trees

those towers were trees

they were strong in the breeze and
in my backyard.

those towers were mine
they made me feel fine
when I was lost and they
the light house
in the distance.

those towers were strong
but I knew all along
they’d go down
one day
right in front of me.

now that they’re gone,
I place them above and beyond,
any memory – that exists
within me.


Photo Credit: Ralph Hockens via Compfight cc

  1. Avatar

    I loved all three Elizabeth, very reminiscent of the beat poets that bopped their way through those long village nights. Well done. xoxo Asher

  2. Elizabeth

    Thanks Lisowl! I loved writing that poem. It brings me back too and I just wish I could literally GO BACK. Wouldn’t that be so cool! We had the best years!! We were blessed!

  3. Elizabeth

    Thanks Michael! Felt like an Urban assignment, right!! Thanks so much for reading and contributing your thoughts on what these words make you think and feel xo

  4. Avatar

    The first poem reminds of the intercity near Humanities and all of the bright colors that expanded over gear, language and love.
    The second poem reminds me of a girl all about TriBeCa daydreaming and forcing grey images into a bright head, but evening out the grit. The last is most memorable in my soul due to those trees that shared our space. Gone to soon. Beautiful stuff ERG!!

  5. Avatar

    You bring me right back, everytime. It’s very comforting reading your work, I feel super privileged to really know exactly what you are writing about.. Your descriptions are so on point, you bring me right back to that moment of sitting at a table in Galaxy… I can hear us, see our faces…
    We did “put days to sleep” and “throw hours in the garbage”, how blessed were we to be able to have that time, not a care in the world ….. The icing in the cake is that these 4 pillars of strength are still standing and together, 23 years later… You Owls, Our Crew, mean the world to me, near and far… We may not be talking on a party line like 1992, but we can group text like a bunch of professionals these days!
    Keep it up, keep it going and do what you do as a Native New Yorker, always Keep it real.. Xoxoxo

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