Rising cases of cancer in our society
are cause for great concern and many
questions. What is the source of cancer?
Why such an epidemic right now?

Could it be that the illness itself is
evidence of the cancer eating
away at our society? Could it be a
physical manifestation of greed?

For isn’t greed the literal bottom line of
all business enterprises, from health
care (more correctly, sickness care),
the food industry, even education?
To unscrupulous money grabbing that
tramples on the hardworking, innocent
citizens of this country, contaminating our
children with an attitude of selfish greed?

And now, on our political horizon has
arisen one who manifests all of the above.
Like a malignant tumor that has erupted from
our national body, his poison spews out
uncontrollably, polluting the sound waves
with hatred and anger, spreading bigotry, racism and
violence, demeaning women with his lies and
sexist, vulgar language, and insulting all men.

Who is this shameful illustration of all
that is sick in our society? Who is this
cesspool, this dumpster overflowing with
trash, this epitome of deplorable demeanor?

Of course, it can only be one:
He Who Shall Not Be Named

Photo Credit: © Julie Anderson All Rights Reserved

  1. Oh Dori, THANK YOU! I feel we already ARE best friends!! I just wrote a rather long letter to Julie about how much I love you all and feel part of the FC family! Please have her share the email with you. There are dark days ahead and FC is a place where we can share our pain and help each other to be strong. Light is more powerful than dark, and love casts out fear! We CAN make a difference. S xo
    PS Suggestion: a FC get-together event for staff and contributors to get to know one another in the flesh! Some sort of one-day retreat/workshop/PARTY!!

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