Fibro Fog

I am so tired
I’m more tired than any of the victim’s lives you claimed
You’ve won this round
And I’m done with you
The life you suck
Out of the few
I’m done.
I’m done.
I’m done.
With you!!!!!

I tried to separate the two
the disease he has and the boy that is true
As the days go on
And the excuses few
Oh we both know
We can’t do all we planned to do
Like take road trips
And fly to NY
We hold hands, but neither of us can deny
it’s hardly a marriage that the future holds
And I cannot hold on to empty promises anymore

You’ve won this round
and broken more hearts than I could count
His raw nerves always ache
The naps he’s never shy to take
19 years old, a boy stuck in an old fragile body
And they say God doesn’t hate anybody?
All the mountains he can never ski
All the oceans he can never see

Every last drop of trust wrung out of me
Every last drop.
And I cannot do this anymore
I’m squished and dry rotten
The smell so pungent

I’m done
I’m done
I’m done
With you
Oh, my heart breaks in two
Don’t see me as selfish
Please think of me too
And never forget
The life I tried to breathe back into you

I swear I’m done
But I’ll try again
I am not knocked out
I will rise again

Photo Credit: RachelCrowder Flickr via Compfight cc

  1. Dori thank you so much for your support! I actually don’t suffer with it, but a very close friend of mine does.

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