Final Exam

You should leave him because:

(Choose one of the following answers)

A) He’s like the fucking sun. He burns you with his hands, his lips, his eyes.

B) You hate him because he’s like the fucking sun. He doesn’t care if he leaves you in ashes.

C) He brought your demons back into your life. They whisper your insecurities and fears. It blankets you and he doesn’t bother to help you unwrap them.

D) He hides your love. Hides your smiles. Hides you from his world. He uses excuses to not let you meet his friends, talk to his family. He hides.

E) He is a ticking time bomb. Your calendar is marked with red “X’s.” He won’t stay. He doesn’t want to stay.

F) All of the above.

Open ended questions:

  1) Do you love him?
                   (Yes. In every language, yes)

  2) Would you leave your life for him?

Stop writing. Time is up.

“Modern Languages @ FLCC – Costa Rica 2012”by LeafLanguages is licensed under CC0 1.0

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  1. A poem that relates to many young girls in high school and in college, suffering but loving a man. So many choices, which is the right answer? Beautiful writing.

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