Hater Nation

I have been missing in action for a couple of weeks and I want to tell you why.

I learned a valuable lesson over the last weeks, ”Not everyone wants for your Good.”

Have you ever thought and believed without a doubt that certain people in your life always want the best for you and hope for your ultimate happiness? Of course you have, so have I, until recently, when I was blindsided, to say the least. In my life, I have been exposed to people who have been jealous of me and my accomplishments from coworkers to casual acquaintances. But, when the haters are family members, it is devastating.

I’ve always thought that family and close friends are my BIGGEST FANS and greatest supporters! But, I was wrong! Sometimes, when people are not in control of their lives and are unhappy in areas like relationships, finances, and career, and they witness you pursuing yours it sends them into a nasty, envious place. They see their lack in your success. Everything you’ve shared makes them wish you the worst. They wish negative outcomes and obstacles for you. Then, when things start to go south for you, they are secretly elated. They have found a thread of power in their life, and they can and will use it to say and do things to kick you when you are DOWN!

You see, when you have people like this around, and you tell them all the fabulous things you have going on and share with them how HAPPY you are, their negative feelings about their life and situation causes them to send strong negative energies out around your stuff, knowingly and unknowingly. Either way, your F$@ked for even telling them ANYTHING! Things in your life that were damn near wrapped up and a done deal for you in terms of certain success all FALL to shit overnight. OR, after you shared it with that ONE person who you thought wanted the BEST for you, the ONE person you would never think would want the EXACT opposite for you. I tell you, it’s an AWFUL and heartbreaking realization.

This has now happened to me twice in my life, both with CLOSE family members. It happened once in my early 20’s and now it happened again. I was SICK about it and had NO one to talk to about it, not even a shoulder to cry on, no one to give me advice on how to cope. So, I did what I always do, I hung out on my meditation pillow and prayed! The prayer was simple,” Please GOD help me see this situation in a different way,” and ” What is the lesson for me here? ”

Of course, GOD guided me towards FORGIVENESS first, which always provides clarity and answers. I understand why, and I judge not. I am letting go and sending love and light to this family member. Sometimes you have to let go of people, things, and situations that are no longer serving you. My job is to be a Light-Worker and share and shine my light everywhere I go. But, I have to be mindful that some situations and people, no matter who, need to be kept at a distance, or let go completely. If you hang out in low-level energy spaces and around low-level energy people it’s bound to have a negative impact, no matter how strong a light worker you think you are. TO stay in a HIGH VIBE frequency, you have to live in that space as much as possible.

Does this all sounds bananas too you? Am I the only one who has ever had the nerve to express this publicly? I share my story in hopes that someone who is going through this or has gone through this type of situation with a family member or a close friend will know that you are not CRAZY or alone.

The EGO can cause us to do the very things we could never imagine ourselves doing, yet we end up doing anyway. As long as you catch the behaviors and thoughts before they cause a nasty impact on the universe, you can make a change and choose a loving thought of support instead.

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