“Hi, My Name is Tom”

Hi, my name is Tom, (or Dick, or Harry).
I just turned seventy and I’m alone in life.
I’m in great shape, except that my
fears of commitment have hardened like
another man’s arteries.
I guess that’s the Big C that I’m afraid of.

I had several great girlfriends, but they all
fell in love with me and wanted to get married.
I could never take that step, and now I regret it,
as all my friends told me I would, for what woman
wants an old fart like me now, even if I do still work out
and drive a convertible?
I’m more hunched over than I used to be,
and the girls don’t flirt with me like they used to.

I guess I’ll just go work in my yard or
fix my leaking toilet,
keep myself busy,
remember what might have been
if I hadn’t been such a
chicken-hearted fool.

Photo Credit: eflon Flickr via Compfight cc

Susan P. Blevins

Susan P. Blevins was born in England, and escaped at age twenty on her life quest, moving first to Italy for 26 years, and then to the USA, where she now lives. The older she gets, the more passionately involved she becomes in the world, and the more she wants to make a personal contribution. She believes that we can all make a difference, one hug, and one smile at a time.

  1. Susan P. Blevins
    Susan P. Blevins

    Thank you Dave! I didn’t know that this had gone live and just found it. Glad you ‘got it’, but obviously if you are happily married, none of this applies to you! Finding the right partner is like finding the pearl of great price. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Susan P. Blevins
    Susan P. Blevins

    Dori my love, hi! I just found this, didn’t know it had already been posted! Yes, this is based on one of my neighbors. I see great girlfriends come and go, some more persistent and delusional than others, but they all leave, and all “he” is left with is fixing up his house. He’s definitely already married to Fear of Commitment. Oh well, his loss. The right “he” is like the Scarlet Pimpernel…..I think a visit to the bar is just what we need!. I’m ready! We don’t need a man in order to have fun. Basically they are good for two things: fixing things around the house, and well, you know, that other thing…!! Love you! xoxo

  3. Dori Owen

    Oh, you have NO idea how happy I am to see your name when I open up FC…and then a wonderful, unique story written by your on-overdrive creative mind. I KNOW Tom, Dick, and Harry! And all I can say is who ruined you? Who made you think this way? WTF? I have also met an alternative universe of Tom, Dicks (haha I said dicks), and Harrys that WANT to get married. To anyone who comes their way My friends call them men looking for Nurses with Purses LOL. Somewhere in between is my man. I haven’t given up on the elusive HEA, he’s just a bit harder to find.. Oh, who am I kidding? Unless he knocks on my door I doubt if he will find me. Let’s go to the bar and compare notes! Much love–D,

  4. Dave Pacailler

    I read this twenty times and it somehow resonates with me. I’m in my early 50s and happily married but I get this.

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