High School Teen Age Dreams

So, it’s 1992 and I was thinking about you
as I lined the last of my lid –
put my hoop earrings on,
shouldered the Jansport –
I’m gone —
way before Paris, my tiny white dog’s name was Kid.

My hair is all crunchy, wet, long and curly …
pulled back and snapped in a clip.
My nautica’s red and a little too long – but it’s all good
these visuals … they work for my song …

I sip a Snapple and don’t eat apples but a bag of chips will do, and here comes that bagel, nice and warm to our table – it’s me and my owls – we’re a crew.

It’s a Galaxy of fries on the Ave. of 8th – and nothin’ cost more than 5 dollars. Hoots and Hollas, no one reads the thermometer – it’s hot in this bitch — we relate.

17 and a year is forever – still together and always will be – not a thought on our minds as we converse and we dine over this universal high school teen age dream.

Wondering what will come next, but not really carin’ – we’re so rich with our time it’s disgustin’. We’re so new to this world, we’re so young to this place – the way we spend time … it’s a total disgrace … throwin’ hours in the garbage. puttin’ days straight to sleep – weeks disappear in a flash-

another pocket of cash and a month tossed to laughs and then there’s all the up-coming seasons to think …

we would regulate, and speculate … who would we marry and when? would we have boys or girls? let’s talk about this again … one two or three? who would go first … you, her or me?

Not that long ago, just like yesterday, hours ago it seems …
these hypothetical futures, these sketched out adulthoods, these universal high school teen age dreams …

Now it’s 16 years later and I saw you today
and those babies are oh so real –
it’s like they were there with us –
listenin’ in on us
takin’ notes as we discussed
they instinctively – just knew the deal.

they were already on their way, their journey had begun … long before we even graduated – and in all these things I’ve stated, no matter how calculated – i couldn’t be more elated to have realized today …
all we talked about, all we walked about, all we fought about, all we thought about – it’s so much more then it seemed, when you understand that you’ve made it to stand in the reality of that universal high school teen age dream.


Elizabeth Regen

Elizabeth Regen lives in Los Angeles but is a 3rd generation Manhattanite, hailing from NY, NY. Elizabeth is a mom of two girls, ages 13 and 4. She's been married for over 10 yrs. to her hard working husband. She is an actor and a writer and believes in finding creative ways to empower women and young people.

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