How to Prepare

Pull your hair tightly

into a high pony tail

Make it tighter still.

There is something to be said

for immaculate strands

and their fraying roots.


Memorize the story of King Solomon

and the baby so that the sensation

of being severed in half

becomes as familiar as breathing.

The stinging sensation should fade

as breath and cauterization become synonymous.


Learn to decipher biological code,

which shade of hair color, height, weight

or tone of voice combination is lethal?

Accurate? What patterns of behaviors

become red flags? How many indicators

of violence equate a report? Decide.


Learn the difference between Tylenol

and a Tylenol with codeine in it.

Notice the subtle alleviation

of a dull ache from swallowing water

You should have learned how to swim

away at a faster pace.









Photo Credit: dualdflipflop Flickr via Compfight cc

Lydia A. Cyrus

Lydia A. Cyrus is a creative writer from Huntington, West Virginia. She has non-fiction work featured in several journals, including Luna Luna Magazine where she serves as a staff writer. Her poems can found in places like Quail Bell Magazine and Moonchild Mag. She is a proud Mountain Woman and loves her dog.

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