Kiss Them For Me

My body is a temple, which I will not desecrate. The phrase “virgin blood” is misleading. It means blood that has not previously been used in a sacrifice, not the blood of a virgin. Even that explanation is misleading because isn’t sex a sacrifice? Do you not open up yourself and slit your own throat, bending backwards to appease a higher need? I read that the female body is like a wet open wound, always warm. If you apply pressure on the words, repeat: my body is a temple, the bleeding must stop. Will stop. Think Russian roulette with knives, stabbing the table in the spaces between your fingers so quickly that fear becomes adrenaline, faster and faster. Sitting in your cousin’s white Chevy and the air conditioner is broken and she asks Have you ever? You tell the truth, which is no. Which means I can sacrifice myself twice.

Photo Credit: NeoGaboX Flickr via Compfight cc

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