I Want Tears

I want tears
I want pain
I want grief
I want shame

My hands char from a gentle touch,
so effortlessly.
Spite me,
Condemn me
Damage me.
Spew your madness upon me.
I am not the demon you face.

My eyes burn from the black darkness,
so easily.
Pierce me,
Convict me,
Impale me.
Nurse the ruins around me.
I am not the blame you embrace.

My ears ring from the dead silence,
so deliberately.
Snub me,
Reproach me,
Submerge me.
I am not the stain of disgrace.

I want tears
I want pain
I want grief
I want shame

Photo Credit: KnockOut_Photographs Flickr via Compfight cc

Dave Pasquel

About Dave Pasquel

After living under a rock for nearly 25 years, Dave had his eyes opened wide to the world in 2010 after marrying his crazy cat lady wife. Intrigued by controversy, culture, lifestyle, current events and history, Dave has traveled to 41 states and a handful of foreign countries. Defined as ‘metro’ by his three kids, you will often find him cleaning the house instead of working out in the yard. In his spare time, Dave likes to write sappy love songs but will be the first to admit that he can’t carry a tune.

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    A. Antoinette

    Just reread this piece and I can’t say enough good things about it.

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    A. Antoinette

    Love the rawness of this piece.

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