I Will Not Be That Woman

Not today.
Even when the river
rolls so cool and deep
and I could wade and
wade ’til sleep.

Not today.
When I have the tablets
in a drawer
in a box
winking chalkily at me.

Not today.
When the church tower soars
and it’s bells toll out
a seductive beat
for me to fly to.

Not today.
for me the oven,
the blade, and bath.
I shall not meet
Sylvia by God’s
own hearth.

I leave a legacy
of love, of life,
not regret and guilt
for my bairns to

Photo Credit: Dani_vr Flickr via Compfight cc

Tabatha Stirling

I recently signed with Unbound, the literary crowdfunding publisher, for my book about maid abuse in Singapore called "Blood On The Banana Leaf." Funding stands at a revved up 40 percent so if you felt like pledging for some really excellent rewards and my unfettered love, please visit this link: https://unbound.com/books/blood-on-the-banana-leaf When I’m not writing or baking cupcakes, I am thinking about writing, reading, studying for my MLitt in Creative Writing at Glasgow University, designing book covers, gaming or watching dark, blood-splattered dramas like the Walking Dead, Ray Donavon, and Sons of Anarchy. I am totally prepared for a zombie apocalypse!

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