Just Do It

Leave, sweet spirit.
Follow the light, wherever you go.
Drink a glass of water,
and don’t forget to kiss your parents, before you go.
Look at what surrounds you; you won’t see it again anytime soon.
Take a deep breath and pray.
Look at the sky while you’re doing it,
and let your body receive the energy that comes from beyond.
Drink another glass of water.
Never forget to drink your coffee in the morning.
And start to walk.
Sometimes being on the road is the only way to survive.
Love the other, you will, sometimes, receive love back.
Not much, but enough.
Don’t let your fears follow you.
You don’t want to see them also in your dreams.
Sleep well.
Eat well.
Have sex.
And believe in passion.
Don’t forget your friends; they influenced a big part of your life.
Make sure you always have music with you.
I don’t know how people can live without it.
Smoke a little,
if you can control it.
If not,
just enjoy it without complaint.
You should be able to recognize your limits,
Don’t let the world’s events bother you too much.
You can’t do anything to change it,
so just sit down and relax.
Still look at the sky.
And pray one more time.
You’ll never know where and when you will stop walking,
Time, unfortunately, is our worst enemy.

Photo Credit: aquigabo! Flickr via Compfight cc

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