Airport at Night

The traveling souls around me act in unusual normality.
It’s three in the morning in this quiet airport bar.
the cold wind of London,
makes shiver bodies,
and let’s sweet hopes disappear.
It makes them simply fly away.
And in the dense darkness of the night,
you can see those metal tools that almost allow
the touching of the gold face of the moon.
A particular energy at this time of change.
And the pen that can’t stop.
Everyone is immersed in their own thoughts,
Everyone is directed to a different destination,
We find ourselves sharing the same moments of waiting.
Damn time,
companion of a life lost.
And so,
waiting to fly,
I look around me
slow life,
that goes on almost in a static way.

Photo Credit: Alessandro Caproni via Compfight cc

Giulia Catani

I'm Giulia Catani, an Italian writer, journalist, and traveller. I have been passionate about literature since I was young, I find that playing with words is the best way to express my feelings and my thoughts. I have been collecting my poems since 2008. Most of my poems are written Italian, I have recently started to translate them English. I hope one day to be able to publish an entire book of my poetry. I'm collaborating with a few Art and Life Style magazines and I'm now living in New York City, after travelling for the last 4 years.

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