The Leaves, They Will Fall

The leaves are like birds, falling from the sky.
They’ve lost their wings, they cannot fly.
For those in the sky, their death is fair and certain.
For those in the trees, may they be stuck there, forever.

We fly, but we fall
The wind catches us all.
We swirl and we float but eventually, eventually,
We fall and we die.

How sad.
How obvious.
How lazy it is to die, when there is so much more to live.
How sad, how lazy.

We float as we fall from the trees,
Our expectations high.
We dream of the places that we’ll go,
but little do we know.

We fall on the pavement,
We are trodden on and squashed.
Our dreams go with it as we accept our defeat,
We slowly die.

But before we died,
We dreamt.
To dream is to live,
To dream……it gives us hope.


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