Love Psychopath

I’m a love psychopath,
addicted to that feeling.
swaying hips
blood red lipstick
trails of roses
leading me down this dark dark road.

swimming through the darkness,
monsters made of shadow
try to pull my hair.
but all they grab is blood and bones,
the glamour slipping through their hands.

I’m a love psychopath,
drinking in their fear,
moonlighting as an angel
as I sit on the lawn,
pumped up with glitter,
I sing my siren song,
and wait for them to come.

Photo Credit: Ninha Morandini Flickr via Compfight cc

Rebecca Charlotte

Rebecca Charlotte is a recent graduate of Westfield State University, a small liberal arts school in New England, where she majored in English with a concentration in literature. Currently, she works at two libraries. By day, Rebecca is a nerdy librarian, by night she is a nerdy librarian who devours books and superhero shows. Her work has appeared in BUST, elephant journal, Her Campus, and will be included in the upcoming issue of Doll Hospital Journal.

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