I’m sorry
if I don’t conform
to your world
if I don’t play the game
by your rules
if I say that the wind
is much more
than the result of opposite
temperature zones
if I say that the sun
is so much more
than the nearest star to
our planet
if I say that love
is so very much more
than physical attraction
but how could I possibly explain
to one who has never
sought the first yellow
in the early spring
to one who has never
felt the cool dampness
of the earth
after a sudden shower
to one who does not know
that love is made of
a thousand woven fibers
and that most of all
love must have freedom
or it will die.
I’m sorry
that I can’t conform
but I feel even
more sorrow for you
because your vision
is already so narrowed
because the sky
in your eyes will never
mean anything more
than the indication
of the weather.


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