Phantom Heart

Lover your name is true.
I see you beyond what has been ingrained
honeyed words drip from your lips, drop into my dreams.
Beat on for me, I can hear you in my heart.

Sigh deeply suck me in.
Spin a web of wishes around the sincere fantasy.
Exhale the spite of temperance.
Patiently waiting.

Chimera of reality fading quickly despite intrinsic detail.
Phantom heart, yours is mine.
We are like the others caught off guard
thinking why did you call out for me across time?

You ask me to believe what is not appropriate.
Spectre of sin
I will follow
resigned to seek the fountain of your love.

In a trance
I hear the beat.
Phantom Lover
when will the inception begin?

Is it fate?
You are a forbearer of doom.
Liar, love is a mirage.
Fool that I am, I believed your whispers.
My lips cannot taste your love.
Delusion is the gift you offer.
Phantom Heart
let me go.

Devotion to lust, sticky sickly sweet
is not true?
Enchanted we are, not for others
in dreams, our desire remains.

Phantom lover kiss me once
like honest people do.
Slide me in your heart, take me
make evident your intention.

Charlatan of emotion, desperately seeking a home
you cannot animate what is denied.
Phantom Lover murmur once more,
I can feel you in my heart.

Photo Credit: Ashton Pittman Flickr via Compfight cc


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