I peeled back the Earth
I heard her scream

in the hole
I placed a seed

the wound would heal
I looked above,
the sun will squeeze
through the black fluff

there’s a force greater than us

but I lacked the tools
And like the blind leading the fool
I thought: Yes,
this bandage will do

with calloused hands,
my fleshy keratin rakes
O I tried to pave the way

with a hopeful heart,
I prayed for rain….

but those green leaves never broke through the grain

The solid earth
Hardened, cracked clay
lacked soothing moisture
Save the saltwater seas
pouring out of me

The scar is still there
I used to care
My Red river flowing endlessly

A mother
pregnant with possibilities, and

A dream, miscarried

Photo Credit: Sabine Mondestin Flickr via Compfight cc

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