Safe Words

Baby, where you going?

Baby, you don’t know a thing.

You don’t know the ways of the world,

Stop saying such words

Stop saying “cock”

Stop saying “fuck”

Why’s everything you say have to be a dirty joke?

Stop wearing all those opinions on your sleeve,

A heart is safer by a long shot.

We want your brain in your throat.

Baby, where you going?

Baby, why you packing your bags?

Don’t you know this is home?

You leave now you’re always gonna be alone.

I wanna hit you bad

I wanna hit you hard.

I wanna hurt your beauty,

I wanna hurt it hard.

Walk away, child, just run away before I leap

Get out of here,

I can’t stand your beauty

I can’t stand the glare.

I need to punch it, wreck it, smash it fix it

I birthed you, I fed you, I bled you, I read to you

I did all the right things in all the right ways

So why do you want to walk away?

Photo Credit: Katie Tegtmeyer Flickr via Compfight cc

Rebecca Charlotte

Rebecca Charlotte is a recent graduate of Westfield State University, a small liberal arts school in New England, where she majored in English with a concentration in literature. Currently, she works at two libraries. By day, Rebecca is a nerdy librarian, by night she is a nerdy librarian who devours books and superhero shows. Her work has appeared in BUST, elephant journal, Her Campus, and will be included in the upcoming issue of Doll Hospital Journal.

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