SkinnyMint Me

I want to be like Barbie
(I bet she drinks tea,
not just any other tea,
it’s got to be S k i n n y M i n t,


The skinny’s in the mint.
There’s mint in the skinny.

Don’t you see? This
tea, it burns fat,
boosts metabolism,
breaks your buck but if you
#DareToBeGorgeous what’s
$69.90 for 28 days of grace?

The skinny’s in the mint.
There’s mint in the skinny.

I Dare to Discover The New Me.
Make me Gorgeous, please!
(just like Barbie, I drink tea)
SkinnyMint me.

Photo Credit: ierdnall Flickr via Compfight cc


Esther Vincent

Esther Vincent is a poet from Singapore, who teaches Literary Arts and Literature at the School of the Arts, Singapore. She writes poetry that resonates on both personal and political levels and believes that poetry should empower, not exclude, engage, not evade. She was co-editor of a poetry anthology, Little Things (2013) and the accompanying Teacher's Guide (2013). Her poems have been published in New Asian Writing (Nov2016), Unhomed (2016), Sound of Mind (2014), LIVEPress Pilot (2014-2015), Little Things (2013), Ceriph #4 (2011) and in Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine Editorial 13. Her poem, "Excuse me, what is your race?" was translated into Russian in To Go To S'pore (2013) by Kirill Cherbitski. She is currently working on a new collection of poems.


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